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Inclusive Playground


We decided to partake in the project of the municipality of Pesaro with respect to the requalification of the Miralfiore Park, an oasis in the heart of the city that will be finalised this Spring.

The inclusive playground will be equipped with games that allow for inclusive play i.e. the equipment have been specifically designed for a wide range of end users with different skills and abilities, without special adaptations and arrangements for the diverse abilities, allowing the children to have fun together excluding barriers or divisions, because there should be no difference when it comes to playing: the games are for everyone to enjoy.

An important part of the playground will be focused on the theme of Music which is the right channel through which we can express our emotions and sentiments, in that fine path through which our emotions travel from our senses to our skin. The musical park is accessible to all children and is characterized by real musical instruments that are interactive and produce sounds capable of recreating a harmonised atmosphere of games and rhythm. A series of cylindrical bells, metallophones and drums welcome small and big “musicians” who can discover the subtle changes of sound and the infinite musical combinations. This way playing unites the world of music, allowing the children to express themselves physically and emotionally.

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