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Bringing back to life a cultural space linked to the history of the area


In 2003, the municipality of Pesaro together with Renco, undersigned an agreement in which our company undertook to restructure the building, restore the Marine Museum “Washington Patrignani” and manage the entire complex, the Villa including a park and its museum.

Giuseppe Molaroni had the Villa built in 1924, it was centralised in a huge park surrounded by Magnolia plants, Fir trees, Cedar trees, Cypresses and Oaks which were unfortunately felled during the 50’s and 60’s in order to create space for the new apartment blocks in that zone. Today that green covers a surface of 8.000m2.

The Villa is a three-storey building and is enriched with pillars, arches, steps, spacious terraces and panoramic verandas. The roof level has a belvedere terrace, made entirely of glass, from which your gaze goes straight to the sea. The window and door panels are also of importance since they are made from Oak deriving from Slovenia where the Molaroni family owned numerous portions of land.

The restoration of the Villa was presented to the town in 2007.

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