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We divulge to gain trust and well-being


In developing countries, the major obstacles in accessing the health care services are the cultural barriers and religious orientation of the communities.  The population does not make use of the hospitals, not only for economic purposes but also due to cultural, religious and social reasons. Women, in particular, are one of the categories with major difficulties in making use of the health care services.

In order to overcome this barrier, we decided to work in very close contact with the local community, in such a way that the project was integrated in the social economic and cultural context of the island.

The political and religious leaders, the committee and midwives of the villages are an integral part of the project. By using these means we are gaining the trust of the population of the villages and able to convince them in making use of the health care services of the clinic.

The project offers simple health care services and health education directly in the villages, creating a bridge between the rural, uneducated areas and the official health care system. We are able to increase the access to the health care services of the most vulnerable and discriminated groups from a social point of view.

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